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On 8/25/10 I stated that the Big Bang Theory

September 6, 2010


stands in clear violation of physical laws, celestial mechanics, and fights against our senses. Then on 8/26/10 I mentioned nine reasons why matter could not be made by a supposed Big Bang. Later on 8/30/10 I said what if it actually had, and then offered six reasons why the Big Bang was still in clear […]

In my last blog I mentioned nine reasons why matter could not

August 30, 2010


be made by a supposed Big Bang. But lets discuss what would happen IF it actually had. 1 – There is no way to unite the particles. As the particles rush outward from the central explosion, they would keep getting farther and farther apart from one another. 2 – Outer space is frictionless, and there […]

Following are a number of scientific reasons why the Big Bang theory is unworkable and fallacious.

August 26, 2010


1 – Nothingness cannot pack together. It would have no way to push itself into a pile. 2 – A vacuum has no density. It is said that the nothingness got very dense, and that is why it exploded. But a total vacuum is the opposite of total density. 3 – There would be no […]

The Big Bang

August 25, 2010


  Look about you. There are clouds, seas, and mountains, grass carpets, the plains; and birds sing in the trees. Farm animals graze in the meadows, and water brooks run through the fields. In city and country, people use their astounding minds to plan and produce intricate things. At night the stars come out, and […]