On 8/25/10 I stated that the Big Bang Theory

Posted on September 6, 2010


stands in clear violation of physical laws, celestial mechanics, and fights against our senses. Then on 8/26/10 I mentioned nine reasons why matter could not be made by a supposed Big Bang. Later on 8/30/10 I said what if it actually had, and then offered six reasons why the Big Bang was still in clear violation of physical laws, etc. So now on 9/06/10 Lets say that, contrary to physical laws, (1) the particles magically DID manage to move toward one another and (2) the particles COULD slow down and change directions.

The theory___Gradually, the outward-racing particles are said to have begun circling one another, forming atoms. These atoms then changed direction further (this time toward one another) and formed gas clouds which then pushed together into stars.

This aspect of the stellar evolution theory is as strange as that which preceded it.

1 – Gas molecules in outer space are widely separated. By “gas,” I means atoms of hydrogen and/or helium which are separated from one another. All gas in outer space has a density so rarefied that it is far less than the emptiest atmospheric vacuum pressure bottle in any laboratory in the world! Gas in outer space is rarer (less dense; atoms more separated) than anything on earth.

2 – Neither hydrogen nor helium in outer space would clump together. In fact, there is no gas on earth that clumps together either. Gas pushes apart; it does not push together. Separated atoms of hydrogen and/or helium would be even less likely to clump together in outer space.