The Big Bang

Posted on August 25, 2010



Look about you. There are clouds, seas, and mountains, grass carpets, the plains; and birds sing in the trees. Farm animals graze in the meadows, and water brooks run through the fields. In city and country, people use their astounding minds to plan and produce intricate things. At night the stars come out, and overhead are billions of stars in our galaxy. Beyond them are 100 billion island universes, each with 100 billion stars.

Yet all of these things are made of matter and energy. Where did it all come from? How did everything begin—all the wonderful things of life and nature?

Evolutionist scientists tell us that it all came from nothing. Creation Scientists tell us that it all came from God, who created everything in six days.

When I was in school, both were taught. Are both being taught today to our children. Do you think our children, as well as ourselves, should know both arguments? Only then can we make and informed decision on which argument we choose to be correct.

  So lets begin……………………..

The Big Bang theory has been accepted by a majority of scientists today. It theorizes that a large quantity of nothing decided to pack tightly together,—and then explode outward into hydrogen and helium. This gas is said to have flowed outward through frictionless space (“frictionless,” so the outflowing gas cannot stop or slow down) to eventually form stars, galaxies, planets, and moons.

The originators—George Lemaitre, a Belgian, struck on the basic idea in 1927; and George Gamow, R.A. Alpher, and R. Herman devised the basic Big Bang model in 1948. But it was Gamow, a well-known scientist, who wrote the Mr. Tompkins book series, that gave it its present name. It was later coined in 1949 by Fred Hoyle during a radio broadcast.

According to this theory, in the beginning, there was no matter, just nothingness. Then this nothingness condensed by gravity into a single, tiny spot; and decided to explode!

That explosion produced protons, neutrons, and electrons which flowed outward at incredible speed throughout empty space; for there was no other matter in the universe.

As these protons, neutrons, and electrons hurled themselves outward at supersonic speed, they are said to have formed themselves into typical atomic structures of mutually orbiting hydrogen and helium atoms.

Gradually, the outward-racing atoms are said to have begun circling one another, producing gas clouds which then pushed together into stars.

These first stars only contained lighter elements (hydrogen and helium). Then all of the stars repeatedly exploded. It took at least two explosions of each star to produce our heavier elements. Gamow described it in scientific terms: In violation of physical law, emptiness fled from the vacuum of space—and rushed into a superdense core, that had a density of 1094gm/cm2 and a temperature in excess of 1039 degrees absolute. That is a lot of density and heat for a gigantic pile of nothingness! (No wise crack here, just an honest thought.) Especially when you realize that it is impossible for nothing to get hot. Although air gets hot, however air is matter, not an absence of it.

Where did this “superdense core” come from? Gamow solemnly came up with a scientific answer for this; he said it came as a result of “the big squeeze,” when emptiness crowded together. Then, with true scientific aplomb, he named this solid core of nothing, “ylem” (pronounced “ee-lum”). In addition, numbers were provided to add additional scientific importance: This remarkable lack-of-anything was said by Gamow to have a density of 10 to the 145th power g/cc, or one hundred trillion times the density of water! Then all that packed-in nothingness went boom!

The Big Bang theory is based on theoretical extremes,  just as is a black hole. It may look good in theory, but could it have actually happened when looked at actual scientific facts. A tiny bit of nothing packed so tightly together that it blew up and produced all the matter in the universe. It is easy to theorize that something is true, when it has never been seen and there is no definitive evidence that it exists or ever happened.

Unfortunately the theory stands in clear violation of physical laws, celestial mechanics, and fights against our own senses.