Tool marks made by humans found in “Lucy” era.

Posted on August 21, 2010


On August 18, 2010 a stunning report that a team of reseachers announced their findings of bones that had been purposefully cut by tools. This is unusual because the date assigned to the bones pre-dates the standard evolutionary timing of man’s emergence by almost a million years.

The reseachers have verified, by electron microscopy, that the cut marks look like parallel grooves made by multiple slices, accomplished by a stone knife. It looks like someone was trying to break open the bones for the bone marrow.

The oldest tools dated are 2.6 million years. These bones have been dated around 3.4 million years. Evolutionists have a huge problem now, since evolutionary history has said for decades that man didn’t evolve until 2.5 million years ago. Before that there were only ape-like creatures like Lucy which hypothetically later gave rise to humans. What we see here is that Lucy fossils are dated along with, these newly discovered cut bones. However, anyone who was able to carve meat, just like modern man does, would make them indistinguishable from modern man. So if these meat carvers were alive at the same time of Lucy, then Lucy can no longer be regarded as a legitimate anscestor to man.

So what do some evolutionists say about this? They insist that in order to prove these bones were cut by humans, actual tools would have to be recovered. However, these same evolutionists who know that Lucy had hands for feet (ape feet to cling to tree branches) just like modern apes, continue to insist that it was Lucy that made the human tracks in the famous Africian Laetoli foot print trackway.

Rather than looking at the evidence, and reorganizing the story of apes evoluing into man, they are interpreting this new evidence with a predictable evolution friendly spin. Instead of being the work of actual people, known to possess foresight and purpose, the butchering of these animals was supposedly accomplished by “early hominins” resembling Lucy.

So these scientists are now forced to defend the position that some evolutionary precursor to man for which there is no direct evidence must have done the butchering.

In contrast, the creation model says that man have been living alongside all animals since the creation was completed in six days. Therefore discovering human artifacts, like footprints and tool marks from post Flood deposits are to be expected.

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