Missing Link? What

Posted on August 18, 2010


In days gone by, I had often been told about the missing link, the ape-man ancestor of both man and monkey. When you begin to look into this, you will find there are supposed missing links all over the tree of life. Dogs and bears are cousins, related of couse through a missing link. Isn’t it univerally understood today, that all animal species are linked some how.

So what is a missing link? I don’t know, and no one else knows either. We have never seen one, they are still missing. Evolutionist have depended on many missing links, each one of them that lived in the past unobserved. Well yes they have not been observed, but then there is us, we, I, which is a result of a missing link.

Now we don’t know what a missing link is, but we sure should know what one should be. One evoluving into an in between other one.  At each stage obtaining more and better traits of its descendant. Should we not have found by now a 90% fish and 10% amphibian, then a 50% fish and 50% amphibian. Finally wouldn’t we see some of these transitional links today. If it happened in the past, why not now.

I am dating my age here, because the missing link theory is seldom mentioned among evolutionists today. Unfortuately no one was able to come up with any, well some, but they were later shown to be hoaxes.  Actually, evolutionists don’t mention missing links much anymore. Their new claim is that basic animal types stayed the same for long periods of time, then changed so rapidly that there was no opportunity to leave any fossels showing the link. Well you can’t argue that one,  because the fact is we don’t find any. Evolution says they did exist, but we have no record of them. If you believe God created everything, then you must agree, we do not have any record of them.

Please understand that some of these gaps are enormous. Just the gap between invertebrates, and vertebrate fish is one to ponder. Which sea creature evolved into a fish with a internal skeleton. Fish skeletons are dated very early in the evolution theory, but no hint of an ancestor.  After all of those millions of years, one would think there would be an abundance of them, but there isn’t.

Both those who believe in the creation, as well as those who believe in evolution have their own ideas of the unobserved past. Those who believe God created everything in six days, say there are no missing links. Evolutionists say links existed whether we find some or not. The fact however is, we don’t find them. Which historical idea is more scientific? Which is more likely to be correct? The decision you make on these two questions, may be close to the most important decisions you will ever make.

However, the most important decision you will ever make is – Do I believe in Jesus, or don’t I believe in Jesus.

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