Life in a Test-tube

Posted on August 17, 2010


Back in 1953 there was a headline that said, “Life in a Test-tube. Wow, did the evolutionary community become excited. They believed that Stanley Miller and Harold Urey had just proved that life could be formed from chemicals by random chance. When they mixed methane, amnonia, hydrogen and water vapor together and then added an electrical charge, the result was a few amino acids were found. The conclusion was immediated, laboratory evidence that proved life came from chemicals.

Many Organic Chemist would certainly admit that the formation of amino acids under those conditions is fascinating. However they will also say that there is a major problem. You see life was never formed by those experiments, just amino acids, which are quite normal in everyday chemicals that do not live. Right up to today, there is no known process that ever made amino acids into a live form. Unfortunately, that has not stopped the evolutionists from claiming it as proof anyway.

They know amino acids don’t live, but they say they are building blocks to life. Unfortuately this claim suggests that if enough building blocks are present, life would result. However this assumption has never been seen nor demonstrated. The building blocks for protein are amino acids, and protein is necessary for life, but that does not prove that amino acids are life.

Lets say, I go to the building store, I buy everything I need to make a house. Do I have a house. No, not until I or someone else builds it. Can you see from this example, that there had to be an assembler for those amino acids to make the proteins, so that life could exist in our bodies.

The writer in Colossians wrote in Chapter 1 verse 17 the following – Indeed he is before all things, indeed in himself all things (everything) is placed together (band together).

The structure, outline, and original thought are to be credited to The Institute of Creation Research at

Writer of original paper is John D. Morris Ph.D

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