Who or what caused beauty

Posted on August 13, 2010


The study of beauty today is mostly associated with art. However beauty, can be found in your imagination, taste, looks, lets say everywhere. Actually the concept of beauty is a universal reality. It exists, even if it is often only in the “eye of the beholder”. To determine the beauty of things, it takes a standard in which beauty is judged. Judging beauty must be rational, even though it may be unique to each individual. Every rational judgment of beauty must rely on our ability to discriminate at a sensory or emotional level.

When we examine or judge whether something is beautiful, disgusting, cute, enteraining, boring, and so on. This examination requires the ability of a mental imagination. Therefore the source of this abliliy must also be rational and emotional.

Just look at differences between individual tastes, as well as cultures. Both speak of the unfathomable hunger for beauty in every human being.

As far as we know, why does this hunger for beauty exist only in human beings? The flower is not empressed with its own majesty, it exists with no conscious awareness. How about a chimpanzee, does it gaze longingly on the face of Mona Lisa? Even the stars with all their glory, do they look at themselves and wonder at their beauty. You may say maybe, but for a fact, we human beings do.

Is it not true in the majority of cases, that all humanity looks at random chaos and destruction as ugly. Do we not try to mask death with various disguises. If these things are true, we must come to the realization that some sights and sounds are not beautiful, thus telling us, there is a standard of perfect beauty.

The structure, outline, and original thought are to be credited to The Institute of Creation Research at http://icr.org

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